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Please be patient... This is the largest most comprehensive exhaust catalog in the industry!
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pdf Complete catalog download (large file)
pdf Cover page
pdf Exhaust catalog index page
pdf Bellows / Flex options
pdf Bellows material selection
pdf Thermal expansion of pipe chart
pdf Flow velocity CFM to feet/second conversion
pdf Anchoring and guiding chart for piping
pdf EJMA sample report
pdf Multi-ply exhaust bellows specifications
pdf Single-ply exhaust bellows specifications
pdf Extreme movement exhaust bellows specifications
pdf Extreme temperature exhaust expansion joints
pdf Extreme movement expansion joints
pdf Universal engine exhaust expansion joints
pdf Metric expansion joints DIN-PN6
pdf Metric expansion joints DIN-PN10
pdf Metric expansion joints JIS-5K
pdf Metric expansion joints JIS-10K
pdf MAX flow ANSI flange expansion joints
pdf ANSI flange exhaust expansion joints
pdf Cummins flange expansion joints
pdf Detroit-MTU flange expansion joints
pdf C-manifold exhaust expansion joints
pdf Waukesha engine exhaust expansion joints
pdf Weld end expansion joints
pdf Socket weld expansion joints (NEW)
pdf Slotted cuff exhaust expansion joints
pdf FlexCaps premium exhaust flex capsules
pdf FlexCap premium exhaust assemblies
pdf Exhaust flex hose assemblies
pdf Exhaust flange specifications
pdf Gaskets and bolting kits
pdf Elbows short and long radius
pdf Exhaust tubing and pipe
pdf Exhaust silencer outlet extension
pdf 3 year Warranty
pdf Triad services offered
pdf Expansion joint design and terminology
pdf Triad Bellows FAQ
pdf Triad bellows product photos