Alloys Used in Bellows and Light Accessories Forming

ASTM B-536 ALLOY 330

  • Recommended up to 1500ºF
  • High nickel alloy
  • Combination of strength and resistance to carburization
  • Resistant to oxidation and thermal shock

ASTM B-168 ALLOY 600
Inconel 600

  • Operates at elevated temperatures up to 1200ºF
  • High nickel alloy with great carburization and oxidation resistance
  • Resistant to chlorides, dry and gaseous at elevated temperatures
  • Not recommended for use in extreme heat where sulfur is present

ASTM B-443 ALLOY 625
Inconel 625

  • Temperature resistant up to 1200ºF
  • High nickel alloy with outstanding strength
  • Aqueous corrosion resistance due to content of molybdenum and columbium

Hastelloy X

  • Recommended for temperatures up to 1500ºF
  • High nickel alloy grade with excellent strength
  • Oxidation resistant

ASTM B-575 ALLOY C-276
Hastelloy C-276

  • Temperature limited to 1200ºF
  • High nickel molybdenum and chromium alloy with traces of tungsten
  • Excellent resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking
  • Used for heat exchangers, ducting and marine applications