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Proper guiding and anchoring is essential to an installation of expansion joints. Pipe guides and anchors will prevent the pipe from squirming or buckling during the compression cycle.

Anchors at each end of the pipe run must be stronger than the force needed to compress the joint combined with the internal pressure thrust. Depending upon system pressure, this force may be many thousands of pounds. Guides permit axial movement of the pipe while restraining both lateral and angular movement. The quantity and location of the guides is dependent upon the natural flexibility of the pipe and the pressure rating of the system. Guides should be installed per the above chart. View our piping spacing chart below.

Proper Alignment of Anchors and Guides

The location of the expansion joint also determines proper location of guides and anchors. The illustration below shows 2 guides on each side of the joint because the joint is installed in the middle of the piping run.

Thermal Expansion of Pipe Chart

Inches per 100 feet

Recommended Pipe Guide Spacing Chart