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Expansion Joints 101: The Different Types Of Expansion Joints

Between ensuring that you’re receiving high-quality metal and knowing that you’re getting the right type of joint for your application, it can be difficult to know which expansion joint to get. In order to help you make the right decision for your manufacturing, here are some of the basic types of expansion joints that you should know about.


  • Single Expansion Joints: Made by attaching fittings to a single bellows, these expansion joints are typically used for axial compression and extension. However, they can also be made for lateral offset and angular movement.


  • In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints: These pipe expansion joints absorb axial movement with as little thrust force on the system anchors as possible.


  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints: These expansion joints use external additions to pressurize the expansion joint. They also have a built-in guiding system eliminating the need for the first pipe guide in a piping run.


  • Universal Expansion Joints: Universal expansion joints are designed with two metal bellows on either end and a pipe fitted in the center. This expansion joint will accept a large amount of lateral offset.


  • Dual Expansion Joints: These expansion joints can be used for larger axial movement than a single expansion joint can handle. Similar to universal joints, these also are constructed with two metal bellows on either end of a central pipe.


  • Gimbal Expansion Joints: These expansion joints can accept angular deflection in any plane, and are fitted with hinges to allow for more flexibility.


  • Custom Expansion Joints: If none of the above joints will fit your need, custom expansion joints may be the best option for you. Custom expansion joints can be designed for your manufacturing needs and specifications.


Whatever expansion joint you need, make sure that it is made with the right metal for your particular application. Hastelloy X alloy is an excellent metal for high-temperature applications. This extreme temperature alloy is widely used in aerospace but is affordable for use in commercial metal bellows up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures your expansion joint will be able to withstand the conditions it will be used in.


If you’re in need of custom metal expansion joints, contact Triad Bellows. Triad Bellows offers a wide variety of expansion joints, all constructed with high-quality metals.

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