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Expansion Joints 101: What Are Metal Expansion Joints Used For?

In manufacturing and related industries, many components are essential to the smooth operation of machinery and work processes. However, a lot of these components, such as metal bellows or stainless steel expansion joints, are a mystery to many, including the people who work with them. But what are metal expansion joints used for, and could they be useful in your machinery? Read on to learn the basics of metal expansion joints and how they are used in machinery across different industries.


What Are Metal Expansion Joints?


Metal expansion joints are pieces of machinery that can help compensate for various types of stress put on a mechanical system or other items. Expansion joints are typically constructed of one or more metal bellows with connectors on either end to secure them in place. Additionally, some may have additional framework for support and sturdiness, allowing them to withstand a variety of conditions. The bellows used in creating metal expansion joints may also vary, with some being multi-ply. Multi-ply bellows generally consist of two to three tubes, but can have as many as five tubes depending on the application.


What Are Metal Expansion Joints Used For?


Metal expansion joints have a wide variety of applications across many industries. While most frequently used in manufacturing and heavier machinery, they are also seen in cars, trucks, water and air treatment, and more. Essentially, any industry or application that makes use of piping that might undergo high temperatures or stress can make use of metal expansion joints.


While often overlooked, metal expansion joints can be incredibly useful for making machinery more efficient and preventing future repair needs. These relatively simple components of machines improve operations and reduce the need for repairs in a wide variety of industries that make use of heavy machinery, as well as in day-to-day applications like vehicles.


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