As a renowned bellows and expansion joint manufacturer, Triad Bellows Design and Manufacturing Inc. has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of various customers. To see how we can best help you, please feel free to review below the many different industries we have helped serve over the years.

Oil and Natural Gas

The oil and natural gas industries use many different styles of expansion joints and flex hoses in the construction of their systems. Triad Bellows Design and Manufacturing offers a full line of expansion joints and flex hose products for all aspects of operations, including exploration, refining and distribution of petroleum and natural gas products. Externally pressurized joints with forged steel flanges have been engineered primarily for transition lines to absorb large amounts of movement. We can also retrofit your existing designs with features such as floating flanges, flow liners and tie rods.

Power Generation

Triad Bellows produces expansion joints specifically engineered for the power generation industry. Misalignment due to tank and equipment settling can be easily overcome with custom expansion joints designed by our specialized team. Our products have been engineered to increase the cycle life of the expansion joint while providing the dependability that you can count on.

Solar Power

Solar power plants generate steam or heated oil that results in thermal expansion in the piping system. Triad Bellows expansion joints are specifically designed to counteract these conditions. Where low spring forces are required, our multi-ply bellows offer the perfect solution.


High heat exhaust systems operating in harsh saltwater environments can create unique challenges in expansion joint design. Years of experience enables the Triad Bellows team to engineer products that can stand up to these extreme conditions. We understand that ship repair and maintenance is time sensitive, and Triad Bellows is here to meet your needs.

Landfill Energy

Gas recovery systems installed in landfills require the use of expansion joints in the energy production process. Methane gas or “sour gas” is used to fuel engine driven generators which require special consideration in design of their piping systems. Triad Bellows understands the complexity of these systems and has the flexible solutions for the gas recovery industry.

Manufacturing and Processing

Many manufacturing and processing plants experience thermal expansion in day-to-day operations. Thermal cycling can occur every minute, hour, day, or year depending on system design. For each of these circumstances, Triad Bellows offers an expansion joint or flex hose product specific to the application. Our on time deliveries and rush order policies insure that your plant will be back up and running quickly.

Engine and Generator

Diesel and gas engines used to drive generators require vibration isolation from the exhaust piping. Multi-ply exhaust bellows provide the lowest spring forces thus protecting the turbo chargers and manifolds. Large amounts of thermal expansion in the exhaust piping can be absorbed using low pressure exhaust expansion joints. Triad Bellows stocks all engine manufacturers’ turbo charger and manifold flanges. Our in-house machining and fabrication capabilities are available to meet your custom manufacturing needs or requirements.


Construction projects using steam and hot water will experience thermal growth in the piping systems. We offer a variety of solutions, ranging from a basic expansion joint design to externally pressurized expansion joints for up to 8″ axial compression. State of the art manufacturing equipment and processes allows Triad Bellows to hold a competitive advantage in the construction marketplace.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment presents challenges with corrosive elements and highly acidic conditions. Sewage wastewater and water treatment plants utilize flex hose and metal expansion joints in their processes. Triad Bellows constructs industry specific expansion joints using a variety of alloys and features to meet these tough conditions.