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Is Your Manufacturing Equipment Ready For Increased Loads?

Growth and expansion is the ultimate end goal of just about any business or company, and the manufacturing industry is no exception to this rule. At the end of the day, expansion is good news for just about any business, but expansion means increased strain on your existing equipment and facilities. If you want to see your business thrive, here are a few ways to prepare your workplace for handling increased workloads as you expand your company.

  • Inspect your facilities: Before making any changes to your set up or workload, you’ll want to look over your existing equipment and assess the state it’s currently in. Without making an initial inspection, you won’t know whether or not your equipment is already ready to handle more work. Check specifically for parts that might be outdated or starting to wear out; chances are, they won’t be up to standards for your increased workload.
  • Replace aging parts: Once you’ve run an inspection over your existing systems, you’ll want to replace those parts that you’ve found that might not be able to keep up. Even if they’re working properly now, changing what they need to handle might cause them to break down faster than you’re expecting. Make sure you order any metal bellows or exhaust flex joint replacements before increasing production.
  • Upgrade equipment for higher strain: Even if your equipment is fairly new, if it’s been purchased before making decisions about increasing load, it might not be up to the task. Keep in mind that increased load might mean your equipment needs to function at higher temperatures. Hastelloy X alloy is an excellent metal for high temperature applications, including high pressure expansion joints. This extreme temperature alloy is widely used in aerospace but is affordable for use in commercial metal bellows up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. This will make sure your equipment stays in proper working order even if temperatures heat up in your system.

Before you increase stress on your manufacturing systems, make sure you order all the high pressure expansion joints and metal bellows you’ll need to keep your system working at peak efficiency. Contact Triad Bellows for more information on equipment you might need, including metal expansion joints and custom bellows.

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