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A complete selection of engine exhaust expansion joints with cat style flanges is included in our latest catalog. Multi-ply bellows are recommended and most commonly used in factory exhaust expansion joints. Triad stocks a large inventory of cat style mating flanges in order to provide quick deliveries when needed.

A major benefit that is standard with Triad Bellows CAT STYLE EXPANSION JOINTS, is the use of an integral floating manifold flange. Triad’s unique double flare design insures perfect gasket sealing every time. In addition to the easy bolt hole alignment, another major benefit of the double flare integral vanstone is there is no need for welding, therefore the heat affected zone is eliminated. This results in increased reliability and life expectancy on all cat style floating flange expansion joints. As with all engine exhaust expansion joints that are manufactured by Triad Bellows customization is never a problem.  The standard exhaust expansion joint designs shown in our catalog can be easily modified to provide you with a finished assembly tailored to fit your exhaust system.