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SOCKET WELD EXHAUST EXPANSION JOINTS are manufactured with rolled cylinder socket fittings that are welded to the bellows to create a perfect fit expansion joint for your exhaust system . The socket can be made from any available material and engineered to fit precisely over any diameter pipe or tube, imperial or metric. The installation and welding process is simplified by eliminating the need for exact cuts and the need to bevel the mating piping for a butt weld. Simply slide the expansion joint over the pipe or tube and attach it with a simple fillet weld. The SOCKET WELD EXPANSION JOINT provides easy fit up in the field on any low pressure piping system.

Did the piping engineer forget to include expansion joints in your exhaust piping system? With socket weld expansion joints the solution is simple. Determine the amount of expansion in your piping system as shown on the Thermal Expansion Chart found in the Engineering Section. Select the proper number of expansion joints to absorb the total amount of piping growth. Cut the pipe leaving enough to insert into the expansion joint and install.

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