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Expansion Joint Piping & Accessories

We supply a full line a compatible piping and accessories for you project.

  • Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Piping
  • Elbows
  • and more!

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Companion flange plates. Plate slip-on flanges manufactured to ANSI B16.5 and AWWA C207 bolting specifications. Custom sizes, gasket faces and materials available.  


Our tube elbows come in short radius, long radius, thick wall stainless steel, and regular stainless steel. Please call for more informations.

Gaskets and Bolting Kits

Graphite gasket with A307 machine bolts and nuts. Graphite gaskets are rated to 1040 F exhaust service 1200 F steam service. All nuts and bolts are A307 grade A, stainless steel and longer bolts are available upon request. Larger dimension standard gaskets and custom size gaskets are also available.


Triad’s thimbles are custom designed to fit each individual exhaust system. Specify roof thickness and pitch. Our thimbles meet or exceed NFPA37 requirements. All stainless steel construction is recommended for harsh environments.

Tubing & Pipe

Exhaust tubing and pipe comes in standard duty, heavy wall tubing, and pipe sched-10S. Please call for more information.


High performance raincaps for commercial use. Raincaps for tube or pipes have bronze hinge bearings, heavy zinc anti-corrosion plating, welded construction.


Band clamps and saddle clamps. Avaialbe in stainless steel flat band style and flat u-bolt zinc plated.