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What is the difference between a bellows and an expansion joint?2017-04-03T18:33:39+00:00

A bellows is the flexible component used to build an expansion joint.  An expansion joint is created when end fittings are added to join the bellows to the connection on the existing piping system.

What is the purpose of an expansion joint?2017-04-03T18:33:53+00:00

The basic function of an expansion joint is to absorb growth in a piping system that is caused by thermal expansion.  Expansion joints are also used to compensate for mechanical pipe movement and for seismic conditions usually found at building separations.

How do Triad CycleMAX™ bellows differ from bellows produced by other manufacturers?2017-04-03T18:34:07+00:00

CycleMax™ bellows are designed to reach the optimum life cycle based on the application of the bellows.  Custom proprietary tooling has been developed in order to mechanically-form the bellows exactly to our engineered specifications.

What is the difference between mechanically-formed bellows and hydro-formed bellows?2017-04-03T18:34:20+00:00

Mechanically-formed bellows are produced on machinery that utilizes expanding die segments to form convolutions.  Hydro-formed bellows are formed by internally pressurizing a tube with high pressure liquid thus pushing the metal into an external die.

Why are metal bellows used instead of corrugated metal hose?2017-04-03T18:34:29+00:00

Metal hose is not designed for compression or extension, only lateral offset.  Metal hose requires external braided wire to handle pressure.  Metal bellows can be designed for axial, lateral, and angular motion.  Braided wire is not required to carry pressure with an engineered metal bellows.

What makes a Triad Isoflex™ exhaust hose product a better choice than other exhaust flex hoses?2017-04-03T18:34:39+00:00

Isoflex™ products reduce the heat effected weld zone and weld undercut that leads to premature failure.

Is there a standardized line of expansion joints that are available to ship quickly?2017-04-03T18:35:07+00:00

Triad Bellows stocks a full line of exhaust bellows in a wide range of sizes.  These bellows can be used to create expansion joints that can ship quickly to you.  High pressure bellows and expansion joints can be designed quickly, but take slightly more time to manufacture.

If I have a system outage, can I get replacement parts in a hurry?2017-04-03T18:35:19+00:00

We offer expedited rush delivery for our customers who need an expansion joint of flex hose and don’t have time to wait.  The price of this service is will vary depending on material and labor availability.

What types of end fittings are available for a Triad Bellows expansion joint or flex hose?2017-04-03T18:35:30+00:00

At Triad Bellows, our goal is to furnish the best product that will be easily installed by our customers. Any weldable fitting can be attached to our expansion joint and flex hose products.

Why does my piping system have to be anchored?2017-04-03T18:35:42+00:00

A piping run that is growing longer due to thermal expansion will grow in the direction of least resistance.  Without anchors at each end of the run, the expansion joint will just be along for the ride.  When a system is properly anchored and guided, the piping growth will be directed at the expansion joint, causing it to compress and extend.

Why are pipe guides required?2017-04-03T18:35:54+00:00

As a bellows compresses, spring forces build up and combine with the internal pressure thrust of the bellows and tend to move laterally.  By using pipe guides at the EJMA recommended  spacing, Triad Bellows expansion joints can be pressurized to the maximum allowable design pressure.

What info does Triad need in order to quote a customer?2017-04-03T18:36:07+00:00

The basic information required to provide a quotation is the pipe size, working pressure, working temperature and flow media.

Do your products have a warranty?2017-04-03T18:36:17+00:00

Triad Bellows products are warranted against any and all manufacturing defects for a full 3 years.  Our products are carefully designed to provide an optimal service life.

Our company is located outside of the U.S., can you ship internationally?2017-04-03T18:36:27+00:00

Triad Bellows ships globally to all countries as permitted by United States export regulations.