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With the ability to make long length bellows, Triad’s line of EXTREME MOVEMENT EXHAUST EXPANSION JOINTS is a real game changer. Customers experience substantial savings by reducing the number of expansion joints required in the piping run. The savings are compounded by reducing the number of anchors and pipe guides that are also needed. Axial compression ratings of up to 6-3/4” can be achieved with the EXTREME MOVEMENT EXPANSION JOINT. Lateral offset ratings can range from 2” on a 6” diameter to 5/8” on a 48” diameter expansion joint. The extreme movement line of engine exhaust expansion joints can be customized with any fitting combination best suited for your application.  With the flexibility in our manufacturing process custom expansion joints do not take any longer to build.

Let the experts at Triad Bellows help you save money on your next exhaust system project.