Cutting Edge Technology and Custom Designed Machinery

The expansion joint life cycle depends on many factors and there are many which determine which expansion joint designs and fitting configurations to employ. Whether your challenge is extreme heat or sub-zero temperatures, high pressure or exhaust systems, choosing the best expansion joint or complete metal bellows expansion joint assembly can be a complex decision. Fortunately, with our vast industry experience, cutting edge technology, and custom designed machinery, you will always find the best solution at Triad Bellows. All Triad Bellows expansion joints and metal bellows are engineered using a sophisticated bellows design program based on the EJMA 10th edition standards.

Working with Triad Bellows experts guarantees you receive the maximum expansion joint cycle life for whatever your application requires.

Triad Bellows Expansion Joints: Ready to Install

An expansion joint is created when fittings are welded to a formed metal bellows. Depending on your requirement, the connection to your existing piping system can be joined by standard pipe weld ends, standard ANSI B16.5 (150#, 300#, and 600#) flanges, or by custom made, alloy specific flanges. All precision welds are done in house by one of our expertly trained welders. Triad Bellows then leak tests each and every expansion joint to make sure it is ready to install.

Triad Bellows Extensive Expansion Joint Product Line

Whether you are an OEM, a fabricator, or a re-seller, our complete line of expansions joints or expansion joint systems covers the entire range of sizes and operating conditions.  Our adjustable tooling design allows us to produce metric and odd size bellows from 3″ through 102″ diameters.  Standard bellows materials include T-321 stainless, T-310 stainless, T316L stainless, T304 stainless, Inconel 625, Hastelloy X, Hastelloy C276, AL6XN to name a few.