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As with many other engine manufacturers, Detroit / MTU engines require special flanges on the exhaust expansion joint in order to mate with the exhaust outlet of the turbo charger. These special flanges are offered in both floating flange and fixed flange options on all Detroit / MTU Expansion Joints. As with other exhaust bellows assemblies Triad offers integral floating vanstone flanges for Detroit diesel engines. Triad’s proprietary double flare integral vanstone insures perfect bolt hole alignment while eliminating the attachment weld most susceptible to vibration fatigue cracking. The double flare design in combination with the multiply exhaust bellows option is the perfect choice for critical applications. For floating ANSI outlet flanges the double flare design is utilized on the vanstone stub end which is then welded to the exhaust bellows.

The Triad Bellows Detroit / MTU line of exhaust expansion joints can be customized to fit each individual exhaust system. Whether your need is a high performance, high temperature Hastelloy X multi-ply bellows, stainless steel flanges, internal flow liners or protective heat shroud, Triad Bellows Design and Manufacturing can do it all!

Call on our trained diesel engine exhaust expansion joint professionals to help you select the best product for your exhaust system.