Metal Bellows Capsules for Expansion Joint Fabricators

Bellows Capsules for Fabricators.

Triad Bellows Design and Manufacturing will custom design your metal bellows specifically for your application. We use sophisticated engineering software developed to meet the strict guidelines of the Expansion Joint Manufacturing Association (EJMA) 10th Edition. If your requirement has already been engineered we can make your bellows to your design. We specialize in multi-ply bellows construction which is your best choice for the ultimate bellows cycle life.
Our goal is to simplify the process for expansion joint fabricators. The bellows necks or tangents can be precisely expanded to fit your end fittings. Flow liners, vanstone stub ends and spacer tubes can be furnished and pre-fit to the bellows to speed up the welding process.
To make the assembly welding process even easier the bellows necks can be banded and resistance welded providing a thicker neck to attach to.

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