Common Reasons Boats Sink and Ways to Keep Your Boat Afloat

exhaust bellowsAlthough you never think it’s going to happen, there is a real possibility that your boat might sink, even when it’s safely tied up at the dock. There are some common reasons, however, that your boat may be sinking, according to Boat U.S.

  • Missing or damaged hose clamps
  • Unsecured engine hoses
  • Spring rains
  • Broken sea strainer
  • Leaking stuffing box

There is some good news to this sinking dilemma, however. There plenty of ways you can greatly reduce the chances of your boat taking on water, especially when the causes are due to wear, tear, and corrosion. When you adhere to regular maintenance, your boat will be ready to go come springtime.

Inspect your exhaust bellows

Wait a second, what are those, and what are bellows used for? Exhaust bellows for engine exhaust industry function are pieces of equipment that basically seal the water out of the exhaust system. They are required to remain a watertight seal for years while withstanding flexing and bending, as well as exposure to water. In the exhaust industry, these metal bellows are extremely important. It is critical to inspect your exhaust bellows every year, as well as replace them every three to five years. They are made to resist the effects of salt in marine environments because Marine Grade Stainless Steel alloys typically contain molybdenum, which is an element with the atomic symbol of 42 and a high melting point of 4,748 degrees Fahrenheit.

Always check your stuffing box

Stuffing boxes are one of the few things that are actually designed to let water into the boat, at least when the motor is in use. Repacking the stuffing box rather than tightening down the screw over and over again will prevent water from leaking in too much instead of damaging your prop shaft.

Replace your engine raw-water hoses

At the first sign of wear, replace those hoses. A ruptured raw-water hose or one that has come off can sink the boat at the dock if there is a problem below the water line. Even cooling hoses can bring water into the boat if the problem is downstream of the raw-water pump and the engine is running.

To prevent your boat from sinking, keep an eye on your pipe expansion joint exhaust bellows, check your stuffing box, and replace your raw-water hoses. Regular maintenance on your boat is important, and it just may stop it from sinking.

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