Small Company Service…. Big company capabilities.

Small Company Service ….. Big Company Capabilities  david vs golieth-dreamstime_xs_3332934

Triad Bellows delivers!  In this fast pace world we live in everyone wants it now. As a medium sized Metal Bellows and Expansion joint manufacturer we have better pricing, can quote faster, design faster and most importantly deliver faster that our larger competitors. It’s like David vs Goliath

It is no secret that getting your quote into your customers hands quickly increases the odds that you will receive an order.  We help our resale customers make the sale by providing competitive quotations usually within 24 hours or less. We hear comments like WOW we got your quote, quoted our customer and received an order and still haven’t received a quotation from Brand X.

In addition to quick quotations we support our resale customers with personalized submittal drawings with their company logo.  Do submittal drawings help to make the sale?  You Bet!  When our customers furnish a submittal drawing and personalized EJMA bellows data sheet with their quote package they are letting their potential customer know that they are the real deal.

Having in house manufacturing capability is extremely important.  Triad Bellows has invested heavily in state of the art bellows manufacturing equipment as well as tooling. We can quickly design and manufacture bellows to EJMA standards  from 3” through 102” diameters including fractional and metric sizes.  Our sales engineers love a challenge.  Bring us your expansion joint problems and we will offer solutions.

Triad Bellows goal is help our customers with every aspect of the sale and to help them grow their list of regular expansion joint customers. This cannot be done with competitive pricing and quick quotations alone.  Quality matters!  On time deliveries matter!

Again we get the WOW comment from our new customers seeing the quality of a Triad Bellows expansion joint for the fist time.  We get questions like “are you guys using robotic welding processes” to which we answer “ no, just very talented welders”  Our motto is borrowed from an old TV commercial but to the point “ When you look good we look good”

If you would like to learn more about how your company can add Metal Expansion Joints to your product offering, give us a call. Want to increase your metal bellows and expansion joint sales? Give us a call.  We make it simple!  Your sales team gets the inquiry and we do the rest.



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